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New Bridge Design // Connections in New Westminster // Connections in Surrey // Environmental Assessment

The Pattullo Bridge is a key connection between the communities of Surrey and New Westminster. The new toll-free four-lane bridge will provide important improvements for everyone using the bridge, including people who are driving, cycling or walking, as well as communities on either side of the bridge:

  • A safer crossing for all bridge users with modern, wider lanes, separated by a centre median barrier;
  • Dedicated walking and cycling lanes, separated from traffic by a barrier on both sides of the bridge; and
  • Better connections to, from and near the bridge.

The new bridge will improve safety and reliability for drivers, cyclists and walkers, as well as goods movement. It will be designed to meet modern seismic, structural, and roadway design standards.

The new bridge will be located just upstream and northeast of the existing bridge and will optimize the use of the existing road network and travel patterns. The existing bridge will remain in use until the new bridge is open to traffic. Once the new bridge is open, the existing bridge will be removed. View the map to see where the new bridge will be located. The new bridge will be built to allow for potential future expansion to six lanes.

New Bridge Design

The new bridge design includes two in-river piers, reduced from the six the current bridge has in the river. This design, with one tower and fewer piers, results in:

  • Reduced construction activities in the river
  • Easier navigation of the river due to less infrastructure in the water
  • Reduced in-river footprint with fewer direct impacts on aquatic habitat

The new design also accommodates the City of New Westminster’s future waterfront greenway, and includes habitat development and site restoration in Surrey.

Connections in New Westminster

The new bridge will continue to connect directly to McBride Boulevard and new direct ramps will connect the bridge to East Columbia Street. Improved walking and cycling paths will connect to the bridge and facilitate better east-west travel across the city.

Many urban design features are being incorporated into the Project, including boulevards, landscaping, street furniture and wayfinding.

Connections in Surrey

The new bridge will continue to connect directly to King George Boulevard, and a new off-ramp will connect the bridge to westbound Highway 17. Improved walking and cycling paths will connect to the bridge and existing greenways.

Highway 17 will be grade-separated over Old Yale Road, improving traffic flow on Highway 17.

Bridge Road will be upgraded to become a two-way road with improved pedestrian and cyclist paths.

Updated bridge connections can be found here.

Environmental Assessment

The Pattullo Bridge Replacement Project went through an environmental assessment led by the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO); following the completion of the environmental assessment, the project received an Environmental Assessment Certificate from the EAO under British Columbia’s Environmental Assessment Act.

The Project has also received a Project and Environmental Review Project Permit from the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

More information on the EAO’s environmental assessment process can be found on the EAO project page.

More information on the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s review process can be found here.