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Identified Indigenous Groups, as identified through the Environmental Assessment process, have been participating in the Project. The Project acknowledges the importance of continued involvement and contributions of Identified Indigenous Groups throughout the Project.

Ongoing consultation and engagement includes but is not limited to:

Cultural recognition
The Project is engaging with Identified Indigenous Groups to identify opportunities to incorporate Indigenous cultural recognition features into the Project.

Fish and fish habitat
Identified Indigenous Groups participated in the design and implementation of an eulachon study and the implementation of a sturgeon study. Fish habitat and habitat design under the Surrey bridge approach is being developed in consultation with the groups.

Protecting Indigenous cultural resources
The Project is working to identify and manage potential impacts to cultural resources in the Project area with participation from Identified Indigenous Groups.

Fishing and other marine use
The Project has established processes to consult with Indigenous marine users to hear interests and concerns, and to identify and manage potential impacts related to Indigenous access to, and use of, the Fraser River.